About Us

Bark is the chef driven and environmentally mindful American fast casual restaurant from chef/owner Joshua Sharkey. Opened in Brooklyn in 2009, the idea was simple: make American fast food better.  Use Great ingredients and source them from great farmers and artisans,  use proper techniques, add a happy and productive team and you have the recipe for an altogether new and far better way to enjoy the American classics.

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How does Bark fulfill it's eco-friendly mission?

At Bark, having the smallest possible carbon footprint is at the core of our values. It started with the use of recycled materials in the design of our restaurant space with reclaimed pine for our wooden tables and walls. We also fulfill our mission by using only bio-degradable paper goods and cutlery made from corn and soy; using eco-friendly cleaning products provided by Ecologic Solutions; by recycling all our used oil via Clean Air Group; compost all our biodegradable and natural food waste; by purchasing wind power off the grid for our electrical needs; and, sourcing as much as possible ingredients from local purveyors and farmers we know. We’re always working to reduce our impact on the environment and leave the world a better place!

I have a gluten allergy, do you have any gluten free options?

Why, yes, we certainly do!  Other than our veggie dog, all of our hot dogs and sausages are gluten free as well as our beef burger.  We offer a delicious gluten free burger or hot dog bun from Jennifer’s Way that is also dairy, nut, and soy free!

We also offer lots of great veggie sides and salad that are gluten free as well.  We got you covered!

I am a vegetarian, what can I eat on your menu?

The short answer, lots!  We have a delicious veggie dog and veggie burger made from whole grains and fresh veggies as well as loads of seasonal veggie sides and salads for you to choose from.  Our motto when it comes to vegetarian cooking is don’t make fake meat taste like real meat, make real veggies taste  wholesome and amazing.

What make's your hot dog so special?

Great question!  The Bark hot dog is so simple and so delicious!  It’s made with only 3 cuts of local NY State meat.  Pork Belly, Pork Shoulder, and Beef Shoulder.  No nasty fillers or odds and ends.  Add in a couple spices and seasoning, no artificial additives of course, and slow smoked to perfection!

It’s wrapped in a lamb casing and griddle roasted, then basted with Bark’s famous “Bark butter, a blend of sweet cream butter, sea salt, and smoked pork belly fat.

Do your Hot Dogs contain nitrates?

Our classic and all beef hot dogs do contain a small amount of Sodium Nitrite.   But more importantly, what are “Nitrates”

Well, what are commonly referred to as ‘nitrates’ is actually a compound called Sodium Nitrite.  It is an essential ingredient in any cured meat.  It removes moisture which helps to preserve, prevent spoilage and botulism, and actually add flavor!   In moderation,  Sodium Nitrite is perfectly healthy and is found in many of the vegetables you eat every day (in larger quantities than most cured meats actually) such as spinach, cabbage, and celery.

Do you sell your hot dogs and relishes in bulk?

Absolutely.  Our three house Bark relishes can be purchased at our online shop, at several artisan stores in the NYC area such as Bklyn Larder, Greene Grape Provisions, and Court Street Grocers.   You can also pick them up at any Bark location.

We also sell our hot dogs in bulk by the pound at our park slope location.

Do you have a kids menu?

We like to think that almost everything at Bark is kid friendly, BUT we most definitely do have a Kids Meal. Children 12 and under can get a special combo with their choice of a classic dog or kids grilled cheese, apple juice or milk, and a small order of s&p fries.

Bark is such a great concept, do you plan to franchise?

Here at Bark, Never is not a word we like to use.  We are not currently seeking franchise opportunities and plan to grow within the company, but we are willing to chat and here what you have to say.  Just drop us a line