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Buffalo Wings


Chicken Wings are probably not the first thing you think of when you think of Bark (but hopefully you think about us all the time!).  That said, we crank out some seriously tasty hot wings.

And like everything we make, our wings are pretty traditional all the while using some pretty amazing ingredients to get them to your plate, like Free Bird Chicken.

So, we thought it would only be appropriate to throw you all some knowledge about where these little fried flavor bombs originated.

As the story goes, Teressa Belissimo invented the Buffalo Wing in the namesake town in 1964.   Depending on which story you stick to, either her son and his friends came by late night in need of a snack; or, as many of the patrons were Catholic and it was Friday night, Mrs. Belissimo wanted to treat everyone to meat at midnight.


Either way, wings were the only thing left in the kitchen, and like any cook worth their weight, she made the most of them.  After frying them, she tossed them in a buttery hot sauce, and bam, history is made.  She served them up with their house salad dressing (blue cheese) and some celery sticks.

Of course, other cultures have been cooking chicken wings long before the Buffalo wing was born (the chinese fry them up and toss in oyster sauce).  This sparked a ton of new iterations of the chicken wing here in the states (if you haven’t tried the wings at Pok Pok, do yourself a favor and add them to your wing crawl pit stop right after Bark).


Our wing sauce is a simple blend tomato, a few different hot sauces including the Bark hot sauce, garlic, onion, butter, and seasoning.   For the simplest way to make wings at home, just toss some Frank’s red hot in a pan and warm up with butter and a squeeze of lemon, you’ll be good to go.






Hawthorne Valley Sauerkraut

When we first opened in 2009, we were making barrel loads of Sauerkraut in some pretty cool old Bourbon and Chardonnay barrels.  We quickly learned there was no way in cabbage hell we’d be able to keep up with the amount of kraut we go through here at Bark.

Then we met the guys at Hawthorne Valley Farm.   Their lacto-fermented sauerkraut is ridiculously delicious.  Our lesson learned; if it’s too tough to make in house, better find a damn good alternative or suck it up and cut the cabbage.  Luckily, we found our alternative…

Check out the clip below for a sneak peek into the Sauerkraut cellar at Hawthorne Valley  farm.

Ketchup- a brief history for your reading pleasure

Here at Bark, we use an obscene amount of ketchup.  Not surprising considering how popular the stuff is in America alone.  Did you know 97% of Americans have a bottle in their fridge right now!  If you’re into that etymology stuff, here’s some fun food for thought…

blog_heinzketchup02Henry J. Heinz made the sauce famous, starting to mass produce ketchup in 1876.  But it was actually Jonas Yerkes who is credited with first bottling and selling it on a large scale in America.

But Ketchup goes back way before Heinz and Yerkes.  Of course there’s some controversy over the actual origin, but a pretty common theory puts it’s origin in 17th century China.  They made a sauce called kôe-chiap or kê-chiap, made from pickled fish and spices.  Yes, we know, doesn’t sound much like the tomato concoction we know today.

Fast forward a century, and the sauce makes it’s way to Indonesia and Singapore.  There it evolved to mean any fermented savory sauce, and they called it Kecap.    Kecap “manis” is still around today, and we actually put a little in our burger sauce…

While the British were expanding their empire with their East India Company in the 18th century, they spent a lot of time in the far east.  That’s where they learned about the sauce and brought it back home with them.  It made it’s way to America in the late 18th century (most likely through NYC ports), and the first know recipe comes from American Sandy Addison in the Sugar House Book in 1801.   Another recipe comes along from Mary Rudolph (cousin of Thomas Jefferson) in the Virginia Housewife Cookbook in 1824.

We could go on for pages about this stuff, but this is a blog, not a book, so here’s some links for more fun facts if you’re interested…


Onwards and Upwards

Flaming LipsMoving forward, we are excited for Amnesty International to bring their show to the Barclay’s Center this week, and they are bringing a line-up so stacked, it’s difficult to tell who is “Headlining”. A couple of acts we’re excited to see come to Brooklyn are The Flaming Lips (above) who always go the extra mile,The Cold War Kids, and Lauryn Hill! Don’t miss out on a night of music for a cause and be sure to snag a Bark Dog and Sixpoint Hi-Res Triple IPA beforehand!

Super Success!

Bark Watch PartyThough the Super Bowl may not have been the most exciting game ever, we here at Bark celebrated in high fashion and, with the majority of our patrons donning Seahawks pride, spirits ended a mile high! Plus, a lucky few left with four-packs of Sixpoint’s brand new Hi-Res Triple IPA and a cool leather coozy for winning at Super Bowl Squares, and one lucky Seahawks fan won a tour of the Sixpoint Brewery! We had a great time serving up our classics and want to thank everybody who chose Bark as the place to be for Super Bowl XLVIII!


Super Bowl Party Tips!



Super Bowl XLVIII is right around the corner! We are excited for many reasons, but our Super Bowl Watch Party is the pinnacle of our football watching dreams! Reserve your seat now and enjoy all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink good times during the game! Want to throw your own watch party? Let us cater to your needs! Just looking for a good time and don’t know what to watch out for? We’ve got you.

Fans celebrating Seattle’s Win over San Francisco

The Super Bowl brings together all different kinds of people, so you don’t have to be a die-hard Denver Broncos fan or a life-long Seattle Seahawks supporter to enjoy the festivities; you can undoubtedly find something that interests you about the Super Bowl. First, for the sports conscious, you must pick a team! This is a non-issue to the fans of either team but others may be on the fence about who to root for, so we’ll simplify some things. If you like to see Touchdowns, root for Denver, they have the number 1 offense EVER. If you like interceptions and big hits, root for the Seahawks, who have the number 1 defense in the league.

If you like to root for the underdog, go with the Seattle Seahawks, who have a Super Bowl record of 0-1, which is meek in comparison to the Broncos 2-4 record, with their two wins coming back-to-back in 1998 and 1999 at the end of another Hall of Fame quarterback’s career. In addition to their statistical underdoggery, Seattle players like Derrick Coleman have lived the underdog lifestyle (he’s deaf) and prevailed, serving as a great inspiration for anyone with a handicap or with loved ones with handicaps. In addition to the records, the betting line coming out of Las Vegas has the Broncos winning by 3, so while it is no David v. Goliath mismatch, there is a definite favorite and with a favorite there must be an underdog.

Sometimes people root for odd reasons. If you like Horses, root for the Broncos mascot, Thunder (II). If you are calling the matchup the Hash Bowl, Pot Bowl, Packed Bowl, or any other nickname to recognize that the two states having legalized marijuana, are the only two in the Super Bowl stay in the kitchen and cook for your friends (and Ricky Williams). Or just come to Bark and we’ll keep you eating and drinking!

Hot Dogs inside, Cold Dog outside

The Super Bowl is also a staple in the entertainment industry. A star-studded half-time show is planned, with Bruno Mars as Ringmaster, so even if you hate football, this is fifteen minutes you will undoubtedly enjoy! The main attraction for most football non-fanatics, though, is the Commercials. Watch every major company you know, vie for your business in 90 seconds or less. Maybe that couple down the block is a finalist in one of the various commercial contests. Root for them and maybe they’ll share some of their million dollar winnings. And if they don’t, at least get them to host next year’s Super Bowl Party with catering done by us!




Give the gift of BARK! (and earn $10 bonus gift card while you’re at it!)


Happy Holidays!!!  It’s that time of year again!

What better gift for someone you love then delicious Bark made bites!

Get your gift card today through Xmas and get a $10 bonus gift card FREE with a purchase of a $50 or more gift card.  That’s right, basically, get someone you love the gift of Bark, and come have a bite on us!

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Kabocha squash is back!!!

IMG_1306Crispy Fried Kabocha Squash, Cheddar/Maple/Hot pepper Dip

It’s a fan favorite and we are stoked to have it back on the menu.  Local roasted Kabocha squash is dipped in a rice flour batter and fried crispy.

We serve it with our version of a pimento cheese dip on crack.  Made with house picked hot peppers, Grafton aged cheddar, maple syrup, and other goodness, it’s got the heat to bring it home.

Come try for yourself, we promise this dish will turn anyone into a squash lover!


Slice_AhtanumSpice Of Life – Ahtanum

On Draught Now!

We have another great addition from the Spice of Life series of Brews from Sixpoint.  This month’s is an American bred hop from Yakima Valley, Washington, where 75% of American hops are grown.   The strain is named for the Ahtanum area near Yakima, where the first hop farm in Washington state was established.

Get More for Less

New and Improved Combo Meals!!!

Now you can get the same great combo meals with a little added value, just because we love you.  Any hot dog combo  can now be upgraded to a handful of our specially topped dogs (Bark Dog, NYC Dog, Kraut Dog, Pickle Dog, and Slaw Dog) or choose any of our cold toppings for no extra charge!


We hope you come enjoy the savings and have a great meal with us soon.



The Bark Crew

Walking Dead at Bark

imagesEvery Sunday starting October 13th Bark is showing The Walking Dead for you Zombie apocalypse aficionados.

Enjoy $15 Pitchers of Sixpoint beers and $3 Classic dogs throughout the whole show!

Get here early, seats fill up quick!

If you are a zombie or any other form of the living dead, and can prove this, free beer on us.

Sixpoint Autumnation is in the House!

Sixpoint AutumnationThe seasonal brew from Sixpoint Brewery now in store is the Autumnation.

This is Sixpoint’s hop harvest ale.  It features a fresh “wet hop” which is actually chosen by all the Sixpoint fans.  This year’s hop choice is Mosaic.  That’s what gives this hearty copper ale it’s bright citrus, berry and pine flavors, along with aromas of earth, strawberry and stonefruit.

Gets to Sippin.