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When it comes to cuisine, it is very difficult to list down the most delicious ones. It is purely because of the immense variety that we normally witness in all those dishes that spans far and wide, globally.
We can find cultural differences in the way the food is cooked and prepared and the regional differences due to the availability of certain ingredients and absence of others. Personal preferences and taste levels also differ from person to person.
If a particular food is delicious and seems appetizing for one person, it may not have that much mouthwatering effect for the other person. So, a number of factors play an important role in determining the deliciousness of the food.
Narrowing it down, we will talk here about the most delicious food items in the world. Most probably we will include the foods that re popular and are considered delicious across cultures and have been known because of the immense taste that nobody can resist no matter from where they belong or where they live.
These have not only inspired present but are promising enough to inspire future generations as well.
Originated from Italy, but now it is the most loved food item in most of the world. It is oven-baked and has its base-bread covered with tomato and cheese. The toppings can be as good and as different as your imagination. You can spruce it up with white meat, red meat, pepperoni, olives, pineapples and countless others that suit your taste. The Italian pizza with its thin and crispy crust is the best that you could ever get in the pizza category.

#2. Buttered Popcorn - USA

Not just in a movie theatre, the popcorns are popular snacks to munch on at home at any time of the day or year. In many parts of the world including the United States, the buttered popcorn is regarded as the slogger of the industrial realm. It comes to its most desirable taste when it is fried by adding plenty of butter. Add as much butter as per your liking to make it a mouthwatering venture.

#3. Paella seafood - Spain:

Just imagine yourself under the sun at a beach with the warm breeze all around and there you get a steamy hot pan of delicious Spanish paella right in front of you. You would prefer the dish over the sight of the place. You would enjoy it with the best combo of lobster, shrimp, cuttlefish and mussels along with rice and a range of herbs, salt, and oil. Having it at home would definitely take you into the holiday mode in no time.

#4. Hummus Sauce – Middle East:

The most humble of all the sauces; hummus spread from the Middle East is made with lemon juice, garlic, tahini and chickpeas of course. Make it once and soon it will become the most permanent item in your fridge stock all year round. It is because the sauce can be tried tastily on its own and could also be used with meats, beans, bread, and vegetables, etc.

#5. Laksa - Singapore:

There are doubts that this dish might have originated from Indonesia or Malaysia, rather than Singapore, but that doesn’t take away anything from the specialty and superiority of this dish. The best bowl of laksa is best served with vermicelli and reasonably generous toppings prawns and some shredded chicken. Spicy broth is a must and more you add, the spicier it will get. You will be mesmerized with its amazing coconut-curry type aroma and will have a feast of your life at the comfort of your home.

#6. Tacos - Mexico:

Looks simple but tastes sophisticated. This comes with a handmade tortilla base, which is filled with pieces of grilled beef mixed with sea salt and oil. It goes to the next level of preparation by adding onions, guacamole, cilantro, and salsa, etc. It is equally likable for lunch, dinner and even breakfast.

#7. The Som Tam - Thailand:

The best way to travel to Thailand, while staying at your home is to prepare this most popular Thai salad. You need to prepare it with chilies, garlic and tossing up some fish sauce, tamarind juice, dried shrimp, peanuts, lime juice string beans, tomatoes, cane paste and some reasonable quantity of green papaya (grated) as well. You can make it a complete meal by having it with rice. Several other variations of this include the ones prepared with spicy fish sauce or with som-tam-boo crab.

#8. Chicken Parm – Australia

Grab mozzarella cheese with melted Parmesan along with garlicky tomato sauce sprinkled right over a piece of cooked chicken breast fillet and you will have the Chicken Parm ready, the Aussies way. This is one of the best dishes that come from Down-Under. It is doubted to have been originated from Italy, but the Australian beer/ wine lovers consider this as their very own. So, without thinking a lot, you just have to try it whenever you can get a chance in a restaurant. Or simply, make it at home.

#9. Poutine - Canada

This is probably the best you can do with the French Fries. Although, saying that would be an understatement as it has a lot more than just French Fries. Canadian side specialty spruce up the French Fries with the addition of brown gravy and cheese. Every bite of this dish fills your mouth with lots of cheese and sauce and of course potato. Canadians love to have it in the wee hours, especially downing several beers.
One of the best ways to travel the world, while being at your home is to try the most delicious food items from different parts of the world. So, what are you waiting for? You can enjoy the tastes of Italian, American, Mexican and Arabian foods wherever you want to. And this is exactly what we did for you by introducing some of the most loved food items from different corners of the world. Try it to believe it.


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