10 Healthy Hot Dogs

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What fish and chips are to Britain, hot dogs is to America. In fact, history has it, that when King George V and Queen Elizabeth of England paid a visit to then President Roosevelt in 1939, they had a picnic with hot dogs! Just like blue jeans and a white shirt will always remain in style, hot dogs will reign supreme in the USA.
But there are naysayers everywhere. Some have even questioned the future of hot dogs with the world seeking healthier food options everywhere. While hot dog lovers are scoffing at the mere suggestion, one cannot really make light of the situation.
Here is why. Hot dogs and health do not go hand in hand. A typical hot dog is highly processed. Not only does it contain several low quality meats, there are a bunch of preservatives used in them. Further, harmful chemicals such as nitrates are used to enhance their shelf life.
As a result a hot dog contains 150 to 180 calories per link. What is even worse is the fat and sodium content. One link has an average of 14 gms of total fat, 5 gms of saturated fat and up to 500 milligrams of sodium. Thus a single link of a hot dog can equal 20% of your total sodium intake.
All of this is making the manufacturers of hot dogs revisit their strategy and make hot dogs healthier. If you are weight watcher or generally want to switch to healthier eating options, here are 10 healthy hot dog options you can consider if you simply cant get over your love for hot dogs. These hot dogs have fat content that is lesser than 6 gms, that is half the fat of typical hot dogs and less than 480 gms of sodium per serving.
Boar’s Head Lite Beef Frankfurters
Topping the charts for its lowest sodium content wieners is Boar’s Head Life Beef Frankfurters. It has half the fat of regular beef hot dogs, i.e only 6 gms as against 13 grams in regular hot dogs. The sodium content in these frankfurters is only 270 mg. It is also dairy and gluten free. Per frank thus you intake only 90 calories. This is half the calorie content of a regular hot dog.

#2. Oscar Mayer Light Weiners made with turkey and pork

This is the closest of what can be called a traditional hot dog as it is made with meats that are favourites in all Americn households, i.e turkey and pork. However, its fat content is nearly half and calorie intake per frank is only 90 gms. This makes it a far healthier options are compared to “regular hot dogs”.

#3. Yves, The Good Dog

Yves, The Good Dog
If you have had a heart related health setback that has you abstain from foods that cause cholesterol, chances are that you are avoiding hot dogs, no matter how you love them. You need not keep yourself anymore with Yves, The Good Dog. Here is a vegan dog that is made entirely of soy protein, that is gluten and cholesterol free and has 65% less sugar than a regular beef frank.

#4. Applegate Farms Uncured Beef Hot Dogs

This is for individuals who insist on eating all natural foods. The Applegate Farms Uncured Beef Hot Dogs is made of beef from cattle raised on purely vegetarian grain diet. These this meat is free from antibiotics and list all ingredients such as beef, sea salt less than 2%, spices, dehydrated onions, celery powder, nutmeg and paprika. The cows are raised on sustainable farms in a stress free environment. Each hot dog contains 70calories, 6 gms of protein and no carbs.

#5. Applegate Natural Uncured beef And Pork Hot Dog

This is a hot dog that has a blend of beef, pork, spices and is about as clean you can get with zero nitrates or additives. Each frank contains 90 calories, 7gms fat, 2.5 gms saturated fat and 6 gms of protein.

#6. Applegate Farms The Great Organic Turkey Hot Dog

Here is a hot dog if you are a fan of pure poultry struff. There is nothing but simple organic turkey as the main ingredient in this dog. Apart from that it contains organic onion, garlic, paprika, cherry powder and celery juice powder to make a great tasty dog. With only 60 calories per serving, sodium and fat are in check at 370 mgs and 3.5 gms respectively.

#7. Thin and Trim All Natural Gourmet Chicken Hot Dogs

Although the name is quite a mouthful, you will love this dog is you are a chicken fan. Made from chicken breast and thigh meat, it contains all the traditional spices of a hot dog sans the fat. You can gorge on this dog guilt free as it is completely nitrate free with only 70 calories per serving, with 370 mgs of fat and 3.5 mgs of sodium.

#8. Hebrew National 97% Fat free Franks

For those looking for kosher hot dogs, can rely on Hebrew National 97% Fat free franks. Each dog contains 45 calories, 1.5 gms total fat, 15 mgs of cholesterol and 6 gms protein. Despite being low on sodium this is a popular snack especially for the Jews.

#9. Field Roast Vegetarian Frankfurter

This is a hot dog that combines ingredients all traditional hot dogs. Thus you will find wheat gluten, barley malt, expeller pressed safflower oil, yeast extract, apple cider vinegar, paprika, sea salt, onion granules, natural liquid smoke and tomato paste in this weiner. These hot dogs have a natural smoky flavour and taste as good as traditional hot dogs. It is however a bit higher on the calorie and sodium count with 180 calories and 690 mg of sodium per serving. It is thus best reserved for special occasions.

#10. Lightlife Smart Dogs

– If you are looking for a low calorie veggie dog, this smart dog is the perfect option for you. Pea and soy protein isolate are its main ingredients and it contains merely 50 calories per serving. You could not ask for a lighter option with only 2 gms of fat and 330 mg sodium.
Thus, if you are seeking healthier options in hot dogs, the above mentioned are your best choices.


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