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You can never get bored of cooking as there is so much to try, even if you belong to a very specific cuisine. Newer recipes are either enhancing older ones or completely replacing them with the ones that are more authentic, tasty and convenient to try. Here we will be facilitating you with the top 10 global recipes of 2019 that you must try at least once to find out how exquisite and tasty the most innovative recipes of the ongoing year are. The selection of the recipes here is globally accepted and ensured to be the most popular ones of 2019.

#1. The Oven Fried Chicken by Judy Hesser

This is a quick and extremely tasteful recipe to try at home. You will get the salty and crispy chicken flavor that is technically cooked in the oven entirely. It saves you from the hassle of getting a better tasting chicken by deep-frying. The best thing about this recipe is that it tastes even better when served cold. Make the most of it with any sauce of your liking.

#2. The Warm Chicken Salad

This is one of the best favor that you can give to your taste buds, which is not only light and savory, but healthy as well for everyone at home. The leafy salad with chicken feels like a super thank you to the changing season and you just cannot wait to try it again. Just try it once to believe how good it feels to have this for lunch, dinner or as an evening snack.

#3. Chicken Piccata

If you are looking to host friends and family over a quick dinner, then this recipe is the best option to impress your guests. It looks elegant and a bit sophisticated on the table when served, but extremely easy to cook. The dish is packed with the best flavors of parsley, capers, and lime. The recipe will put you in that enjoyable mood and best-liked during summers.

#4. The 3B Skewers

Big Bad Beef is what you have on the skewers, which is a superb and easy weeknight meal. It is just a matter of minutes to have the beef on the grill and have it ready on the dinner table with your favorite sauce. Even better, you can add some fresh grilled corn along with garden salad to take its taste par excellence.

#5. The French Toast

It is not just the standard French toast but a level ahead with the kind of simple yet tasteful combination of ingredients that it is prepared with. This custardy treat comes with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg to make a top-notch taste explosion. It is ideal for breakfast and to munch on it as an evening snack. An easy item to offer to your surprise guests as it takes absolutely no time to cook.

#6. Gazpacho

This is the best soup that you can try in the summers of 2019. Unlike other soups, this is ideal for summers because of its summer-type ingredients. The major items included in the preparation of this recipe are cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, bell pepper, jalapeno, and garlic. Try it to get the best refreshing experience in the evening after you had a long day in the sun. Trust us!

#7. Flourless Pecan Cake

Summer parties, especially outdoor ones can be best enjoyed with this masterpiece of a recipe. This rich recipe is a go-getter of the supreme order when it comes to munch the tasty most snacks either in the morning, after meals or at an evening party. The cake when served looks quite rich and complex capable of handling a big dollop of cream.

#8. The Red Pesto Pasta

Pasta is a universally accepted food item. In addition to the fabulous basic taste, this mouthwatering recipe tastes closer to a spicy mashed-up arrabbiata sauce that comes with the delicious garlic dip known as the bagna cauda. The combination makes a perfect meal for the entire family. Anchovy fillets, olive oil, Fresno chilies, walnuts, and tomato sauce are its key ingredients.

#9. The Classic Deviled Eggs

This is a recipe for all times and seasons to enjoy. You can have it in breakfast, at a cocktail party or at any occasion or event that you are hosting. The recipe is an exquisite combo of mayonnaise, egg yolk, white vinegar, smoky paprika (Spanish) and yellow mustard. Different flavors from a range of different ingredients make an awesome dish to ravish.

#10. Oven Cooked Salmon

This is an absolute crowd-pleasing dinner, which your guests would cherish for a long time. Get ready to give them the recipe as they wouldn’t leave without having the rights to try at their home. You need to first season the salmon using pepper and salt. Once done then bake it in the oven at a temperature of 400F for 15 minutes. Lastly, get ready the almond parsley salad to accompany the main dish. Enjoy!

Regarding the recipes that are popular across the world, there are many more to surprise you. Tastes and recipes vary within cultures and across societies and different regions. You can find unique tastes and recipes without going into the complexity of preparation of special dishes. As most of the popular recipes are these which are an easy and quick make. Also, taste and nutritional values matter the most.

Everyone has his or her own taste and values. Some recipes may appear to be special for one person while the other one may have some other specialties in mind. So, whichever food you like to eat, you can find a lot of recipes to enjoy at home or when you are going to enjoy the food outdoors.


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